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GCSE, IGCSE, AS and A levels
I offer support to students to boost their confidence in preparation for school and college exams. I cater for the main examining boards including AQA, Edexcel, IB (International Baccalaureate) and help to teach the required vocabulary for the various syllabuses.

Lessons are designed to improve your overall standard of Spanish and can cover all or one of the following areas:

  • writing (reinforcing grammar). Most students seek help with this, as it is the one area that commonly goes wrong. During the lessons, I give detailed feedback on their written work and practice essays, explaining grammatical rules, phrases and making sure that they include all the required tenses and structures. Improving writing is perhaps the most significant factor in boosting exam grades, whether it is from a D/C to a B, or an A to an A*; for essays and assignments I offer and email service that helps students to correct spelling and grammar, improving their understanding of the language and helping them to avoid repeating their mistakes. I will not rewrite their work for them, but direct them to correct and improve it themselves;
  • oral (fluency, pronunciation and intonation). In addition to traditional face-to-face tuition I offer online support for students about to make their final presentations;
  • reading comprehension (aimed at broadening vocabulary and at learning to understand texts);
  • listening skills.

I have extensive experience in helping to prepare bilingual (or near-bilingual) speakers to take national exams at a younger age that they would do normally. I also help students who find languages challenging, but wish to reach their best potential either at Foundation or at High tier, to improve their level of Spanish.

Further education students (undergraduate and graduate)
For university undergraduates and graduates, I provide invaluable Spanish conversation practice with a native speaker, to help achieve perfect pronunciation, intonation and fluency. I help students to understand feedback they have received on written work (as described above).


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